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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

A pleasant Comedie, of
1245Am I wise? am I polliticke? am I Matchauil?
Shall I lose my doctor? No, he giues me the motiõs
And the potions. Shall I lose my parson, my sir Hu?
No, he giues me the prouerbes, and the nouerbes:
Giue me thy hand terestiall,
1249.1So giue me thy hand celestiall:
So boyes of art I haue deceiued you both,
1250I haue directed you to wrong places,
Your hearts are mightie, you skins are whole,
Bardolfe laie their swords to pawne. Follow me lads
Of peace, follow me. Ha, ra, la. Follow.
Exit Host.
1255Shal. Afore God a mad host, come let vs goe.
Doc. I begar haue you mocka may thus?
I will be euen met you my Iack Host.
1258.1Sir Hu. Giue me your hand Doctor Cayus,
We be all friends:
1261.1But for mine hosts foolish knauery, let me alone.
1260Doc. I dat be vell begar I be friends.
(Exit omnes
Enter M. Foord.
1268.1For. The time drawes on he shuld come to my
Well wife, you had best worke closely,
Or I am like to goe beyond your cunning:
I now wil seek my guesse that comes to dinner,
1268.5And in good time see where they all are come.
Enter Shallow, Page, host, Slender, Doctor,
and sir Hugh.
By my faith a knot well met: your welcome all.
Pa. I thanke you good M. Ford.
1268.10For. Welcome good M. Page,
I would your daughter were here.
Pa. I thank you sir, she is very well at home.
Slen. Father Page I hope I haue your consent
For Misteris Anne?