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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

A pleasant Comedie, of

Enter the Doctor and his man.

Doc. Iohn Rugbie goe looke met your eies ore de
1067.1And spie and you can see de parson.
Rug. Sir I cannot tell whether he be there or no,
But I see a great many comming.
Doc. Bully moy, mon rapier Iohn Rugabie, begar
Hearing be not so dead as I shall make him.
Enter Shallow, Page, my Host, and Slender.
Pa. God saue you M. Doctor Cayus.
Shal. How do you M. Doctor?
Host. God blesse thee my bully doctor, God blesse
Doc. Vat be all you, Van to tree com for, a?
Host. Bully to see thee fight, to see thee foine, to
see thee trauerse, to see thee here, to see thee there,
to see thee passe the punto. The stock, the reuerse,
1090the distance: the montnce is a dead my francoyes?
Is a dead my Ethiopian? Ha what ses my gallon?
my escuolapis? Is a dead bullies taile, is a dead?
Doc. Begar de preest be a coward Iack knaue,
1095He dare not shew his face.
Host. Thou art a castallian king vrinall.
Hector of Greece my boy.
Shal. He hath showne himselfe the wiser man
M. Doctor:
Sir Hugh is a Parson, and you a Phisition. You must
Goe with me M. Doctor.
Host. Pardon bully Iustice. A word monsire
Doc. Mockwater, vat me dat?
1120Host. That is in our English tongue, Vallor bully,