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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

the merry Wives of Windsor.
of pickt hatch, goe. Youle not beare a Letter for me
790you rogue you: you stand vpon your honor. Why
thou vnconfinable basenesse thou, tis as much as I
can do to keep the termes of my honor precise. I, I
my selfe sometimes, leauing the feare of God on
the left hand, am faine to shuffel, to filch & to lurch.
795And yet you stand vpon your honor, you rogue.
795You, you.
800Pis. I do recant: what woullst thou more of man?
800.1Fal. Well, gotoo, away, no more.
Enter Mistresse Quickly.
Quic. Good you god den sir.
Fal. Good den faire wife.
805Quic. Not so ant like your worship.
Fal. Faire mayd then.
Quic. That I am Ile be sworne, as my mother
The first houre I was borne.
810Sir I would speake with you in priuate.
Fal. Say on I prethy, heeres none but my owne
Quic. Are they so? Now God blesse them, and
make them his seruants.
Syr I come from Mistresse Foord.
Fal. So from Mistresse Foord. Goe on.
817.1Quic. I sir, she hath sent me to you to let you
Vnderstand she hath receiued your Letter,
849.1And let me tell you, she is one stands vpon her cre-
Fal. Well, come Misteris Ford, Misteris Ford.
Quic. I sir, and as they say, she is not the first
Hath bene led in a fooles paradice.
849.5Fal. Nay prethy be briefe my good she Mercury.
Quic. Mary sir, sheed haue you meet her between
eight and nine.