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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

the merry Wives of Windsor.
730I tell you sir we haue sport in hand.
Host. Tell him cauelira Iustice: tell him bully
735Ford. Mine Host a the garter:
735.1Host. What ses my bully rooke?
735Ford. A word with you sir.
Ford and the Host talkes.
Shal. Harke you sir, Ile tell you what the sport
Doctor Cayus and sir Hu are to fight,
My merrie Host hath had the measuring
Of their weapons, and hath
Appointed them contrary places. Harke in your
Host: Hast thou no shute against my knight,
My guest, my cauellira:
For. None I protest: But tell him my name
Is Rrooke, onlie for a Iest.
Host: My hand bully: Thou shalt
Haue egres and regres, and thy
Name shall be Brooke: Sed I well bully Hector?
Shal. I tell you what M. Page, I beleeue
740The Doctor is no Iester, heele laie it on:
740.1For tho we be Iustices and Doctors,
And Church men, yet we are
The sonnes of women M. Page:
Pa: True maister Shallow:
740.5Shal: It will be found so maister Page:
Pa. Maister Shallow you your selfe
Haue bene a great fighter,
Tho now a man of peace:
Shal: M. Page I haue seene the day that yong
Tall fellowes with their stroke & their passado,
757.1I haue made them trudge Maister Page,
755A tis the hart, the hart doth all: I