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Author: George Wilkins
Editors: Tom Bishop, Andrew Forsberg
Not Peer Reviewed

Wilkins: The Adventures of Pericles (Quarto)


The eight Chapter.

How Pericles arriuing at Tharsus, deliuereth his yoong daughter Marina vnto Cleon and Dyonysa to be fostered vp: and how Lycorida the Nurse lying vppon her death-bed, declareth vnto Marina who were her parents.

1210Hauing thus left the recouered Thaysa amongst the holy Nunnes in the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, our Storie biddeth vs looke backe vnto sorrowfull Pericles, whose shippe with fortunate winde, fauour of the heauens, and prouidence of his pylate, arriued at the shoare of Tharsus, where vpon his landing hee was curteously 1215receiued by Cleon and Dyonysa; whome he as curteously saluted, telling them the heauie chaunces which had befallen him, both of the great stormes and tempests on the Sea,which he with patience had indured, as also of the death of the good Lady Thaysa, which he not without much sorrow suffered, onely quoth he, I haue heere left a little 1220picture of her, who for it was giuen vnto me at Sea, I haue named Marina, and I thanke the heauens, is so like vnto her, that I neuer doe looke vppon it, but with much comfort, in whose protection and education I meane to vse your friendship, while I goe on in trauell to receiue the kingdome of Antiochus, which is reserued for mee. And 1225if you will euer shew your gratitude, for my former charitie extended towardes you, and all this Citty in a former distresse, the gods haue giuen this cause, to prooue your thankefulnesse. When both vowing by solemne oath, their care should be on her, as reason vnto themselues, who is the guider of mans life: he satisfied with that their promise, 1230thanked them, telling them moreouer, that with them also he woulde leaue Lycorida her mothers nurse, (and giuen vnto him by her good father Symonides) that shee might be a nurse vnto her child, only further requesting them, and so charging Lycorida, that if it pleased the gods to lend her life to the yeeres of vnderstanding, they should 1235not till his returne, make knowne vnto her, that she was a braunch sproong from him, but onely be brought vppe as the daughter of Cleon and Dyonysa, lest that the knowledge of her high birth, should make her growe prowd to their instructions. Of which hauing likewise promise, he deliuered the infant and the nurse to Cleon, and therewithall, great 1240sums of golde, siluer, and apparrell, and vowing solemnely by othe to himselfe, his head should grow vncisserd, his beard vntrimmed, himselfe in all vncomely, since he had lost his Queene, and till he had married his daughter at ripe years. When they much wondring at so strange a resolue, and promising to be most faithfull with all diligence according 1245to his directions, Pericles tooke his leaue, departed with his Ship, sayling euen to the vttermost parts of all Egypt, while his yoong daughter Marina grew vp to more able discretion, and when she was fully attaind to 5. yeers of age, being to her selfe knowne no other but to be free borne, she was set to Schoole with other free children, alwayes ioyntly accompanied 1250with one onely daughter that Dionysa had, being of the same time that she was of, where growing vp, aswel in learning, as in number of yeeres, vntill she came to the reckoning of foureteene, one day when she returned from Schoole, she found Lycorida her Nurse sodainely fallen sicke, and sitting beside her vpon the bed, she as in care of her, demaunded the 1255cause and manner of her sickenesse: when the Nurse finding her disease to haue no hope of recouery, but a harbinger that came before to prepare a lodging for death, answered her to this purpose; For my sickenesse, quoth she, it matters not (deare childe) since it is as necessary to be sicke, as it is needefull to die, onely I intreate of you to hearken vnto 1260a dying womans wordes that loueth you, and laying them vppe in your heart, perswade your selfe, that in these houres no sinner should, or can be so wretched, to spare a minute to finde time to lie. Knowe then, that you are not the daughter of Cleon and Dyonysa, as you till this haue supposed: but hearken vnto me, and I will declare vnto thee the beginning of thy 1265birth, that thou mayest knowe how to guide thy selfe after my death: Pericles the Prince of Tyre is thy father, and Thaysa king Symonides daughter was thy mother: which father and mother departed from thy grandsir at Pentapolis toward their kingdom of Tyre, thy mother being at Sea, fell in trauell with thee, and died after thou wert borne: when thy Father 1270Pericles inclosed her body in a Chest with princely ornaments, laying twenty talents of golde at her head, and as much at her feete in siluer; with a Scedule written, containing the dignitie of her birth, and maner of her death, then caused he the Chest to be thrown ouer-boorde into the Sea, thorow a superstitious opinion which the mariners beleeued, leauing 1275her body so inriched, to the intent, that whither soeuer it were driuen, they that found it, in regarde of the riches, would bury her according to her estate. Thus Lady were you borne vppon the waters, and your fathers Ship with much wrestling of contrary windes, and with his vnspeakeable griefe of minde, arriued at this shoare, and brought thee in thy swadling 1280clowtes vnto this Citty, where he with great care deliuered thee vnto this thine hoste Cleon and Dyonysa his wife, diligently to be fostered vp, and left me heere also to attend vppon thee, swearing this oath to keepe inuiolate, his haire should be vncisserd, his face vntrimmed, himselfe in all things vncomely continually to mourne for your dead mother, vntill 1285your ripe yeares gaue him occasion to marry you to some prince worthy your birth and beauty; wherefore I now admonish you, that if after my death, thine hoste or hostesse, whom thou calst thy parents, shall happly offer thee any iniury, or discurteously taking aduantage of thy absent father as vnbefitting thine estate intertain thee, haste thee into the market 1290place, where thou shall finde a Statue erected to thy father standing, take hold of it, and crie aloude; You cittizens of Tharsus, I am his daughter whose Image this is, who being mindefull of thy fathers benefits will doubtlesse reuenge thy iniurie. When Marina thanking Lycorida for making that known to her, which till then was vnknowne, and happly either thorow 1295Time or Death might haue beene buried in her ignorance: and vowing, if euer neede should so require (of which as yet she had no cause to doubt) her counsell should befollowed. And so Lycorida through sickenesse growing more weake, and Marina for this knowledge and aduise still tending on her, in her armes at last shee gaue vp the Ghost.