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Author: Hardin Aasand
Not Peer Reviewed

The Winter's Tale: List of Characters

List of Characters

1Leontes, King of Sicilia
Hermione, Queen to Leontes
Mamillius, young Prince of Sicilia
Perdita, daughter to Leontes and Hermione

5Four Lords of Sicilia:

10Paulina, wife to Antigonus
Emilia, a lady attending on Hermione

Polixenes, King of Bohemia
Florizel, Prince of Bohemia
Archidamus, a Lord of Bohemia

15Shepherd, reputed father of Perdita
Clown, his son
Mopsa, Shepherdess
Dorcas, Shepherdess

Autolycus, a rogue

20A Mariner
A Jailer

Other Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen, Officers, Servants, Shepherds, and Shepherdesses

Time, as Chorus