Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

Scæna 4.
Enter Iaylors daughter.
Daugh. I am very cold, and all the Stars are out too,
1570The little Stars, and all, that looke like aglets:
The Sun has seene my Folly: Palamon;
Alas no; hees in heaven; where am I now?
Yonder's the sea, and ther's a Ship; how't tumbles
And ther's a Rocke lies watching under water;
1575Now, now, it beates upon it; now, now, now,
Ther's a leak sprung, a sound one, how they cry?
Vpon her before the winde, you'l loose all els:
Vp with a course or two, and take about Boyes.
Good night, good night, y'ar gone; I am very hungry,
1580Would I could finde a fine Frog; he would tell me
Newes from all parts o'th world, then would I make
A Carecke of a Cockle shell, and sayle
By east and North East to the King of Pigmes,
For he tels fortunes rarely. Now my Father
1585Twenty to one is trust up in a trice
To morrow morning, Ile say never a word.
For ile cut my greene coat, afoote above my knee,
And ile clip my yellow lockes; an inch below mine eie.
hey, nonny, nonny, nonny,
He's buy me a white Cut, forth for to ride
And ile goe seeke him, throw the world that is so wide
hey nonny, nonny, nonny.
O for a pricke now like a Nightingale, to put my breast
1595Against. I shall sleepe like a Top else.