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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
And presently.
2845Wooer. She would have me sing.
Doctor. You did so?
Wooer. No.
Doct. Twas very ill done then,
You should observe her ev'ry way.
2850Wooer. Alas
I have no voice Sir, to confirme her that way.
Doctor. That's all one, if yee make a noyse,
If she intreate againe, doe any thing,
Lye with her if she aske you.
2855Iaylor. Hoa there Doctor.
Doctor. Yes in the waie of cure.
Iaylor But first by your leave
I'th way of honestie.
Doctor. That's but a nicenesse,
2860Nev'r cast your child away for honestie;
Cure her first this way, then if shee will be honest,
She has the path before her.
Iaylor. Thanke yee Doctor.
Doctor. Pray bring her in
2865And let's see how shee is.
Iaylor. I will, and tell her
Her Palamon staies for her: But Doctor,
Me thinkes you are i'th wrong still.
Exit Iaylor.
Doct. Goe, goe: you Fathers are fine Fooles: her honesty?
2870And we should give her physicke till we finde that:
Wooer. Why, doe you thinke she is not honest Sir?
Doctor. How old is she?
Wooer. She's eighteene.
Doctor. She may be,
2875But that's all one, tis nothing to our purpose,
What ere her Father saies, if you perceave
Her moode inclining that way that I spoke of
Videlicet, the way of flesh, you have me.
Wooer. Yet very well Sir.
2880Doctor. Please her appetite
And doe it home, it cures her ipso facto,