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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
Of your name, or his scape.
Enter 2. Friend.
Iay. Pray heaven it hold so.
21652. Fr: Be of good comfort man; I bring you newes,
Good newes.
Iay. They are welcome,
2. Fr. Palamon has cleerd you,
And got your pardon, and discoverd
2170How, and by whose meanes he escapt, which was your
Whose pardon is procurd too, and the Prisoner
Not to be held ungratefull to her goodnes,
Has given a summe of money to her Marriage,
A large one ile assure you.
2175Iay. Ye are a good man
And ever bring good newes.
1. Fr. How was it ended?
2. Fr. Why, as it should be; they that nev'r begd
But they prevaild, had their suites fairely granted,
2180The prisoners have their lives.
1. Fr. I knew t'would be so.
2. Fr. But there be new conditions, which you'l heare of
At better time.
Iay. I hope they are good.
21852. Fr. They are honourable,
How good they'l prove, I know not.
Enter Wooer.
1. Fr. T'will be knowne.
Woo. Alas Sir, wher's your Daughter?
2190Iay. Why doe you aske?
Woo. O Sir when did you see her?
2. Fr. How he lookes?
Iay. This morning.
Woo. Was she well? was she in health? Sir, when did
21951. Fr. These are strange Questions.
Iay, I doe not thinke she was very well, for now
You make me minde her, but this very day
I ask'd her questions, and she answered me
So farre from what she was, so childishly.
2200So sillily, as if she were a foole,