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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
1595Against. I shall sleepe like a Top else.
Scæna 6.
Enter a Schoole master 4. Countrymen: and
Baum. 2. or 3 wenches, with a Taborer.
Sch Fy, fy, what tediosity, & disensanity is here among ye?
have my Rudiments bin labourd so long with ye? milkd unto
1600ye, and by a figure even the very plumbroth & marrow of
my understanding laid upon ye? and do you still cry where,
and how, & wherfore? you most course freeze capacities, ye
jave Iudgements, have I saide thus let be, and there let be,
and then let be, and no man understand mee, proh deum,
1605medius fidius, ye are all dunces: For why here stand I.
Here the Duke comes, there are you close in the Thicket; the
Duke appeares, I meete him and unto him I utter learned
things, and many figures, he heares, and nods, and hums, and
then cries rare, and I goe forward, at length I fling my Cap
1610up; marke there; then do you as once did Meleager, and the
Bore break comly out before him: like true lovers, cast your
selves in a Body decently, and sweetly, by a figure trace, and
turne Boyes.
1. And sweetly we will doe it Master Gerrold.
16152. Draw up the Company, Where's the Taborour.
3. Why Timothy.
Tab. Here my mad boyes, have at ye.
Sch. But I say where's their women?
4. Here's Friz and Maudline.
16202. And little Luce with the white legs, and bouncing
1. And freckeled Nel; that never faild her Master.
Sch. Wher be your Ribands maids? swym with your Bodies
And carry it sweetly, and deliverly
And now and then a fauour, and a friske.
1625Nel. Let us alone Sir.
Sch. Wher's the rest o'th Musicke.
3. Dispersd as you commanded.
Sch. Couple then
And see what's wanting; wher's the Bavian?
1630My friend, carry your taile without offence
Or scandall to the Ladies; and be sure
You tumble with audacity, and manhood,