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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
1480Should I try death by dussons: I am mop't,
Food tooke I none these two daies.
Sipt some water. I have not closd mine eyes
Save when my lids scowrd off their bine; alas
Dissolue my life, Let not my sence unsettle
1485Least I should drowne, or stab, or hang my selfe.
O state of Nature, faile together in me,
Since thy best props are warpt: So which way now?
The best way is, the next way to a grave:
Each errant step beside is torment. Loe
1490The Moone is down, the Cryckets chirpe, the Schreichowle
Calls in the dawne; all offices are done
Save what I faile in: But the point is this
An end, and that is all.
Scæna 3.
Enter Arcite, with Meate, Wine, and Files.
Arc. I should be neere the place, hoa. Cosen Palamon.
Enter Palamon.
Pal. Arcite.
Arc. The same: I have brought you foode and files,
1500Come forth and feare not, her'es no Theseus.
Pal. Not none so honest Arcite.
Arc. That's no matter,
Wee'l argue that hereafter: Come take courage,
You shall not dye thus beastly, here Sir drinke
1505I know you are faint, then ile talke further with you.
Pal. Arcite, thou mightst now poyson me.
Arc. I might.
But I must feare you first: Sit downe, and good now
No more of these vaine parlies; let us not
1510Having our ancient reputation with us
Make talke for Fooles, and Cowards, To your health, &c.
Pal. Doe.
Arc. Pray sit downe then, and let me entreate you
By all the honesty and honour in you,
1515No mention of this woman,t' will disturbe us,
We shall have time enough.
Pal. Well Sir, Ile pledge you.
Arc. Drinke a good hearty draught, it breeds good