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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
All deere natures children: sweete-
Ly fore Bride and Bridegroomes feete
60Blessing their sence.
Not an angle of the aire,
Bird melodious, or bird faire,
Is absent hence.

The Crow, the slaundrous Cuckoe, nor
65The boding Raven, nor Clough hee
Nor chattring Pie,
May on our Bridehouse pearch or sing,
Or with them any discord bring
But from it fly.

Enter 3. Queenes in Blacke, with vailes staind, with impe-
riall Crownes. The 1. Queene fals downe at the foote of
Theseus; The 2. fals downe at the foote of Hypolita. The
3. before Emilia.
1. Qu. For pitties sake and true gentilities,
75Heare, and respect me.
2. Qu. For your Mothers sake,
And as you wish your womb may thrive with faire ones,
Heare and respect me,
3. Qu. Now for the love of him whom Iove hath markd
80The honour of your Bed, and for the sake
Of cleere virginity, be Advocate
For us, and our distresses: This good deede
Shall raze you out o'th Booke of Trespasses
All you are set downe there.
85Theseus. Sad Lady rise.
Hypol. Stand up.
Emil. No knees to me.
What woman I may steed that is distrest,
Does bind me to her.
90Thes. What's your request? Deliver you for all.
1. Qu. We are 3. Queenes, whose Soveraignes fel before
The wrath of cruell Creon; who endured
The Beakes of Ravens, Tallents of the Kights,