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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
Emil. The Sun grows high, lets walk in, keep these flowers,
Weele see how neere Art can come neere their colours;
I am wondrous merry hearted, I could laugh now.
Wom. I could lie downe I am sure.
880Emil. And take one with you?
Wom. That's as we bargaine Madam,
Emil. Well, agree then.
Exeunt Emilia and woman.
Pal. What thinke you of this beauty?
885Arc. Tis a rare one.
Pal. Is't but a rare one?
Arc. Yes a matchles beauty.
Pal. Might not a man well lose himselfe and love her?
Arc. I cannot tell what you have done, I have,
890Beshrew mine eyes for't, now I feele my Shackles.
Pal. You love her then?
Arc. Who would not?
Pal. And desire her?
Arc. Before my liberty.
895Pal. I saw her first.
Arc. That's nothing
Pal. But it shall be.
Arc. I saw her too.
Pal. Yes, but you must not love her.
900Arc. I will not as you doe; to worship her;
As she is heavenly, and a blessed Goddes;
(I love her as a woman, to enjoy her)
So both may love.
Pal. You shall not love at all.
905Arc. Not love at all.
Who shall deny me?
Pal. I that first saw her; I that tooke possession
First with mine eye of all those beauties
In her reveald to mankinde: if thou lou'st her.
910Or entertain'st a hope to blast my wishes,
Thou art a Traytour Arcite and a fellow
False as thy Title to her: friendship, blood
And all the tyes betweene us I disclaime