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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
Pal. Tis in our power,
360(Vnlesse we feare that Apes can Tutor's) to
Be Masters of our manners: what neede I
Affect anothers gate, which is not catching
Where there is faith, or to be fond upon
Anothers way of speech, when by mine owne
365I may be reasonably conceiv'd; sav'd too,
Speaking it truly; why am I bound
By any generous bond to follow him
Followes his Taylor, haply so long untill
The follow'd, make pursuit? or let me know,
370Why mine owne Barber is unblest, with him
My poore Chinne too, for tis not Cizard iust
To such a Favorites glasse: What Cannon is there
That does command my Rapier from my hip
To dangle't in my hand, or to go tip toe
375Before the streete be foule? Either I am
The fore-horse in the Teame, or I am none
That draw i'th sequent trace: these poore sleight sores,
Neede not a plantin; That which rips my bosome
Almost to'th heart's,
380Arcite. Our Vncle Creon.
Pal. He,
A most unbounded Tyrant, whose successes
Makes heaven unfeard, and villany assured
Beyond its power: there's nothing, almost puts
385Faith in a feavour, and deifies alone
Voluble chance, who onely attributes
The faculties of other Instruments
To his owne Nerves and act; Commands men service,
And what they winne in't, boot and glory on;
390That feares not to do harm; good, dares not; Let
The blood of mine that's sibbe to him, be suckt
From me with Leeches, Let them breake and fall
Off me with that corruption.
Arc. Cleere spirited Cozen
395Lets leave his Court, that we may nothing share,
Of his lowd infamy: for our milke,