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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
285Follow your Soldier (as before) hence you
And at the banckes of Anly meete us with
The forces you can raise, where we shall finde
The moytie of a number, for a busines,
More bigger look't; since that our Theame is haste
290I stamp this kisse upon thy currant lippe,
Sweete keepe it as my Token; Set you forward
For I will see you gone.
Exeunt towards the Temple.
Farewell my beauteous Sister: Pyrithous
Keepe the feast full, bate not an howre on't.
295Pirithous. Sir
Ile follow you at heeles; The Feasts solempnity
Shall want till your returne.
Thes. Cosen I charge you
Boudge not from Athens; We shall be returning
300Ere you can end this Feast; of which I pray you
Make no abatement; once more farewell all.
1. Qu. Thus do'st thou still make good the tongue o'th
2. Qu. And earnst a Deity equal with Mars,
3. Qu. If not above him, for
305Thou being but mortall makest affections bend
To Godlike honours; they themselves some say
Grone under such a Mastry.
Thes. As we are men
Thus should we doe, being sensually subdude
310We loose our humane tytle; good cheere Ladies.
Now turne we towards your Comforts.
Scæna 2.
Enter Palamon, and Arcite.

Arcite. Deere Palamon, deerer in love then Blood
And our prime Cosen, yet unhardned in
315The Crimes of nature; Let us leave the Citty
Thebs, and the temptings in't, before we further
Sully our glosse of youth,
And here to keepe in abstinence we shame
As in Incontinence; for not to swim
320I'th aide o'th Current, were almost to sincke,