Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Melissa Walter
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Gentlemen of Verona (Folio 1, 1623)

Scœna secunda.
Enter Protheus, Iulia, Panthion.
Pro. Haue patience, gentle Iulia:
Iul. I must where is no remedy.
570Pro. When possibly I can, I will returne.
Iul. If you turne not: you will return the sooner:
Keepe this remembrance for thy Iulia's sake.
Pro. Why then wee'll make exchange;
Here, take you this.
575Iul. And seale the bargaine with a holy kisse.
Pro. Here is my hand, for my true constancie:
And when that howre ore-slips me in the day,
Wherein I sigh not (Iulia) for thy sake,
The next ensuing howre, some foule mischance
580Torment me for my Loues forgetfulnesse:
My father staies my comming: answere not:
The tide is now; nay, not thy tide of teares,
That tide will stay me longer then I should,
Iulia, farewell: what, gon without a word?
585I, so true loue should doe: it cannot speake,
For truth hath better deeds, then words to grace it.
Panth. Sir Protheus: you are staid for.
Pro. Goe: I come, I come:
Alas, this parting strikes poore Louers dumbe.