Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Roger Apfelbaum
Not Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 1, 1597)

The excellent Tragedie

Come sticke your Rosemary in this dead coarse,
2660And as the custome of our Country is,
In all her best and sumptuous ornaments,
2661.1Conuay her where her Ancestors lie tomb'd,
Cap:Let it be so, come wofull sorrow mates,
Let vs together taste this bitter fare.

They all but the Nurse goe foorth, casting Rosemary on
her and shutting the Curtens.

Enter Musitions.

Nur:Put vp, put vp, this is a wofull case.
1.I by my troth Mistresse is it, it had need be mended.

Enter Seruingman.

Ser:Alack alack what shal I doe, come Fidlers play me
2681.1some mery dumpe.
1.A sir, this is no time to play.
Ser:You will not then?
1.No marry will wee.
2690Ser:Then will I giue it you, and soundly to.
1.What will you giue vs?
Ser:The fidler, Ile re you, Ile fa you Ile sol you.
1.If you re vs and fa vs, we will note you.
Ser:I will put vp my Iron dagger, and beate you with
2700my wodden wit. Come on Simon sound Pot, Ile pose you,
2700.11.Lets heare.
2705Ser:When griping griefe the heart doth wound,
2705.1And dolefull dumps the minde oppresse:
Then musique with her siluer sound,
Why siluer sound? Why siluer sound?
1.I thinke because musicke hath a sweet sound.
2710Ser:Pretie, what say you Mathew minikine?