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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Not Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 1, 1597)

The excellent Tragedie

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Cap:Well goe thy way, thou shalt be logger head.
2566.1Come, come, make hast call vp your daughter,
The Countie will be heere with musicke straight.
Gods me hees come, Nurse call vp my daughter.
Nur:Goe, get you gone. What lambe, what Lady
birde? fast I warrant. What Iuliet? well, let the County take
2580you in your bed, yee sleepe for a weeke now, but the next
night, the Countie Paris hath set vp his rest that you shal rest
but little. What lambe I say, fast still: what Lady, Loue,
what bride, what Iuliet? Gods me how sound she sleeps? Nay
then I see I must wake you indeed. Whats heere, laide on
your bed, drest in your cloathes and down, ah me, alack the
day, some Aqua vitae hoe.
Enter Mother.
Moth:How now whats the matter?
Nur:Alack the day, shees dead, shees dead, shees dead.
Moth:Accurst, vnhappy, miserable time.
Enter Oldeman.
2600Cap:Come, come, make hast, wheres my daughter?
Moth:Ah shees dead, shees dead.
Cap:Stay, let me see, all pale and wan.
2603.1Accursed time, vnfortunate olde man.
Enter Fryer and Paris.
Par:What is the bride ready to goe to Church?
Cap:Ready to goe, but neuer to returne.
2615O Sonne the night before thy wedding day,
Hath Death laine with thy bride, flower as she is,
Deflowerd by him, see, where she lyes,