Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Not Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 1, 1597)

of Romeo and Iuliet.

Awake an houre before the appointed time:
2530An then I feare I shall be lunaticke,
And playing with my dead forefathers bones,
Dash out my franticke braines. Me thinkes I see
2535My Cosin Tybalt weltring in his bloud,
Seeking for Romeo: stay Tybalt stay.
Romeo I come, this doe I drinke to thee.
She fals vpon her bed within the Curtaines.
Enter Nurse with hearbs, Mother.
2539.1Moth:Thats well said Nurse, set all in redines,
The Countie will be heere immediatly.
Enter Oldeman.
Cap:Make hast, make hast, for it is almost day,
The Curfewe bell hath rung, t'is foure a clocke,
Looke to your bakt meates good Angelica.
Nur:Goe get you to bed you cotqueane. I faith you
2550will be sicke anone.
Cap:I warrant thee Nurse I haue ere now watcht all
night, and haue taken no harme at all.
Moth:I you haue beene a mouse hunt in your time.
Enter a Seruingman with Logs & Coales.
2559.1Cap:A Ielous hood, a Ieloushood: How now sirra?
What haue you there?
Ser:Forsooth Logs.
Cap:Goe, goe choose dryer. Will will tell thee where
thou shalt fetch them.
Ser:Nay I warrant let me alone, I haue a heade Inoe to