Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Not Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 1, 1597)

The excellent Tragedie

I tell yee what, Thursday is neere,
Lay hand on heart, aduise, bethinke your selfe,
If you be mine, Ile giue you to my frend:
If not, hang, drowne, starue, beg,
2240Dye in the streetes: for by my Soule
Ile neuer more acknowledge thee,
Nor what I haue shall euer doe thee good,
Thinke ont, looke toot, I doe not vse to iest.
Iul:Is there no pitty hanging in the cloudes,
That lookes into the bottom of my woes?
2245I doe beseech you Madame, cast me not away,
Defer this mariage for a day or two,
Or if you cannot, make my mariage bed
In that dimme monument where Tybalt lyes.
Moth:Nay be assured I will not speake a word.
2250Do what thou wilt for I haue done with thee.
Iul:Ah Nurse what comfort? what counsell canst thou
giue me.
Nur.Now trust me Madame, I know not what to say:
Your Romeo he is banisht, and all the world to nothing
He neuer dares returne to challendge you.
Now I thinke good you marry with this County,
Oh he is a gallant Gentleman, Romeo is but a dishclout
In respect of him. I promise you
I thinke you happy in this second match.
As for your husband he is dead:
Or twere as good he were, for you haue no vse of him.
2275Iul:Speakst thou this from thy heart?
Nur:I and from my soule, of els beshrew them both.
Nur:What say you Madame?
2280Iul:Well, thou hast comforted me wondrous much,
I pray thee goe thy waies vnto my mother
Tell her I am gone hauing displeasde my Father.
To Fryer Laurence Cell to confesse me,
And to be absolu'd.