Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Not Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 1, 1597)

The excellent Tragedie

This doth not so: for this diuideth vs.
Some say the Larke and loathed Toad change eyes,
I would that now they had changd voyces too:
2065Since arme from arme her voyce doth vs affray,
Hunting thee hence with Huntsvp to the day.
So now be gone, more light and light it growes.
Rom:More light and light, more darke and darke our
2075Farewell my Loue, one kisse and Ile descend.
He goeth downe.
Iul:Art thou gone so, my Lord, my Loue, my Frend?
I must heare from thee euerie day in the hower:
For in an hower there are manie minutes,
Minutes are dayes, so will I number them:
2080Oh by this count I shall be much in yeares,
Ere I see thee againe.
Rom:Farewell, I will omit no opportunitie
That may conueigh my greetings loue to thee.
Iul:Oh, thinkst thou we shall euer meete againe.
2085Rom:No doubt, no doubt, and all this woe shall serue
For sweete discourses in the time to come.
Iul:Oh God, I haue an ill diuining soule.
Me thinkes I see thee now thou art below
Like one dead in the bottome of a Tombe:
2090Either mine ey-sight failes, or thou lookst pale.
Rom:And trust me Loue, in my eye so doo you,
Drie sorrow drinkes our blood: adieu, adieu.
Enter Nurse hastely.
Nur:Madame beware, take heed the day is broke,
Your Mother's comming to your Chamber, make all sure.
She goeth downe from the window.