Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Catherine Lisak
Not Peer Reviewed

Richard II (Modern)

Enter Sir Piers [of] Exton and Servants.
Exton Didst thou not mark the King, what words he spake?
2655"Have I no friend will rid me of this living fear?"
Was it not so?
These were his very words.
Exton "Have I no friend?" quoth he. He spake it twice,
And urged it twice together, did he not?
2660Servant He did.
Exton And speaking it, he wishtly looked on me,
As who should say, "I would thou wert the man
That would divorce this terror from my heart" --
Meaning the King at Pomfret. Come, let's go.
2665I am the King's friend, and will rid his foe.