Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Hardy M. Cook
Not Peer Reviewed

The Phoenix and Turtle (Quarto, 1601)

BEautie, Truth, and Raritie,
Grace in all simplicitie,
55Here enclosde, in cinders lie.
Death is now the Phœnix nest,
And the Turtles loyall brest,
To eternitie doth rest.
Leauing no posteritie,
60Twas not their infirmitie,
It was married Chastitie.
Truth may seeme, but cannot be,
Beautie bragge, but tis not she,
Truth and Beautie buried be.
65To this vrne let those repaire,
That are either true or faire,
For these dead Birds, sigh a prayer.

William Shake-speare.