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Author: Anonymous
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The History of Sir John Oldcastle (Folio 3, 1664)

Noise heard about the house a pretty while, then enter
the Constable meeting Harpool in the Irish-
man's aparell.
Con. Stand close, here comes the Irishman that did the
murther, by all tokens this is he.
2250May. And perceiving the house beset, would get away:
stand sirra.
Har. What art thou that bid'st me stand?
Con. I am the Officer, and am come to search for an
Irish man, such a villain as thy self, thou hast murther'd
2255a man this last night by the high way.
Harp. Sbloud Constable art thou mad? am I an
May. Sirra, we'll find you an Irish-man befor we part:
Lay hold upon him.
2260Con. Make him fast, O thou bloudy rogue!
Enter Lord Cobham and his Lady, in the Carrier
and wenches apparel.
Cob. What will these Ostlers sleep all day?
Good morrow, good morrow, come wench, come;
2265Saddle, saddle, now afore God two fair dayes, ha?
Con. Who goes there?
May. O 'tis Lancashire Carrier, let them pass.
Cob. What, will no body ope the gates here?
Come, let's int'stable to look to our Capons.