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Author: Anonymous
Not Peer Reviewed

The History of Sir John Oldcastle (Folio 3, 1664)

Enter Carrier and Kate.
Club. Who's within here? who looks to the horses?
2375Uds hat, here's fine work, the Hens in the manger, and
the Hogs in the litter, a bots found you all, here's a house
well lookt too ifaith.
Kate. Mas Goff Club, Ise very cawd.
Club. Get in Kate, get into fire and warme thee.
2380John Ostler?
Host. What, Gaffer Club, welcome to S. Albans,
How do's all our friends in Lancashire?
Club. Well, God a mercy John, how do's Tom?
where is he?
2385Ost. Tom's gone from hence, he's at the three Horse-
loves at stony-Stratford: how do's old Dick Dun.
Club. Uds hat, old Dun is moyr'd in a slough in
Brick hill-lane: a plague found it, yonders such abomi-
nation weather as was never seen.
2390Ost. Uds hat Thief, have one halfe peck of pease and
oats more for that, as I am John Ostler, he has bin ever
as good a jade as ever travelled.
Club. Faith well said old Jack, thou art the old lad still.
Ost. Come Gaffer Club, unload, unload, and get to