Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Hardy M. Cook
Not Peer Reviewed

Lucrece (Quarto, 1594)

In TARQVINS likenesse I did entertaine thee,
Hast thou put on his shape, to do him shame?
To all the Host of Heauen I complaine me.
Thou wrongst his honor, woūdst his princely name:
600Thou art not what thou seem'st, and if the same,
Thou seem'st not what thou art, a God, a King;
For kings like Gods should gouerne euery thing.
How will thy shame be seeded in thine age
VVhen thus thy vices bud before thy spring?
605If in thy hope thou darst do such outrage,
VVhat dar'st thou not when once thou art a King?
O be remembred, no outragious thing
From vassall actors can be wipt away,
Then Kings misdeedes cannot be hid in clay.
610This deede will make thee only lou'd for feare,
But happie Monarchs still are feard for loue:
VVith fowle offendors thou perforce must beare,
VVhen they in thee the like offences proue;
Ifbut for feare of this, thy will remoue.
615For Princes are the glasse, the schoole, the booke,
VVhere subiects eies do learn, do read, do looke.
And wilt thou be the schoole where lust shall learne?
Must he in thee read lectures of such shame?
VVilt thou be glasse wherein it shall discerne
620Authoritie for sinne, warrant for blame?
To priuiledge dishonor in thy name.
Thou backst reproch against long-liuing lawd,
And mak'st faire reputation but a bawd.
Hast thou commaund? by him that gaue it thee
625From a pure heart commaund thy rebell will:
Draw not thy sword to gard iniquitie,
For it was lent thee all that broode to kill.
Thy Princelie office how canst thou fulfill?
VVhen patternd by thy fault fowle sin may say,
630He learnd to sin, and thou didst teach the way.