Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Michael Best
Not Peer Reviewed

King Lear (Folio 1, 1623)

Enter Edgar.
Edg. I heard my selfe proclaim'd,
And by the happy hollow of a Tree,
Escap'd the hunt. No Port is free,no place
1255That guard, and most vnusall vigilance
Do's not attend my taking. Whiles I may scape
I will preserue myselfe: and am bethought
To take the basest,and most poorest shape
That euer penury in contempt of man,
1260Brought neere to beast; my face Ile grime with filth,
Blanket my loines,elfe all my haires in knots,
And with presented nakednesse out-face
The Windes,and persecutions of the skie;
The Country giues me proofe,and president
1265Of Bedlam beggers, who with roaring voices,
Strike in their num'd and mortified Armes.
Pins, Wodden-prickes,Nayles,Sprigs of Rosemarie:
And with this horrible obiect,from low Farmes,
Poore pelting Villages, Sheeps-Coates, and Milles,
1270Sometimes with Lunaticke bans, sometime with Praiers
Inforce their charitie: poore Turlygodpoore Tom,
That's something yet: Edgar I nothing am.