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Author: Anonymous
Not Peer Reviewed

The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

Scena Quarta.
Enter Locrine, Estrild, Habren, Assarachus, and
the Souldiers
Locr. Tell me, Assaracus, are the Cornish chuffes
In such great number come to Mertia,
And have they pitched there their host,
1935So close unto our Royal mansion?
Assa. They are, my Lord, and mean incontinent
To bid defiance to your Majesty.
Locr. It makes me laugh, to think that Guendoline
Should have the heart to come in armes 'gainst me.
1940Estr. Alas, my Lord, the horse will run amain
When as the spur doth gall him to the bone;
Jealousie, Locrine, hath a wicked sting.
Locr. Sayst thou so, Estrild, Beauties paragon?
Well, we will try her choler to the proof,
1945And make her know, Locrine can brook no braves.
March on, Assarachus, thou must lead the way,
And bring us to their proud pavillion.