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Author: Anonymous
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The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

Actus Quartus. Scena Prima.
Enter Atey as before. Then Omphale Daughter
1330to the King of Lydia, having a Club in her hand,
and a Lyous skin on her back, Hercules following
with a distaffe. Then let Omphale turn about, and
taking off her Pantofle, strike Hercules on the head,
then let them depart, Atey remaining, saying
Quem non Argolici mandata severa Tyranni,
Non potuit Juno vincere, vicit amor.
Stout Hercules the mirrour of the world,
Son to Alcmena and great Jupiter,
After so many conquests won in field,
1340After so many Monsters quell'd by force,
Yielded his valiant heart to Omphale,
A fearfull woman void of manly strength,
She took the Club, and wore the Lyons skin.
He took the Wheele, and maidenly gan spin
1345So martiall Locrine cheer'd with victory,
Falleth in love with Humber's Concubine,
And so forgetteth peerlesse Guendoline.
His Unckle Corineius stormes at this,
And forceth Locrine for his grace to sue,
1350Loe here the summe, the processe doth ensue.