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Author: Anonymous
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The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

Scena Quarta.
Enter Locrine, Guendoline, Camber, Albanact, Cori-
neius, Assarachus, Debon, Thrasimachus
Locrine. Uncle and Princes of brave Britany,
Since that our noble Father is entomb'd,
As best beseem'd so brave a Prince as he,
415If so you please, this day my Love and I,
Within the Temple of Concordia,
Will solemnize our royall marriage.
Thra. Right noble Lord, your subjects every one,
Must needs obey your Highnesse at command,
420Especially in such a cause as this,
That much concerns your Highnesse great content.
Locr. Then frolick, Lordings, to fair Concords walls,
Where we will passe the day in Knightly sports,
The night in Dancing and in figured Maskes,
425And offer to God Risus all our sports.