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Author: Anonymous
Not Peer Reviewed

The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

Enter Atey with Thunder and Lightning, all in black,
5with a burning Torch in one hand, and a bloudie
Sword in the other hand; and presently let there come
forth a Lion running after a Bear or any other
beast, then come forth an Archer, who must
kill the Lion in a dumb show, and then depart. Re-
10 main Atey
In poenam sectatur & Vmbra.
A mighty Lion, ruler of the woods,
Of wondrous strength and great proportion,
15With hideous noise scaring the trembling
With yelling clamours shaking all the earth,
Traverst the groves, and chac't the wandring beasts:
Long did he range among the shadie trees,
20And drave the silly beasts before his face;
When suddenly from out a-thorny bush
A dreadfull Archer with his bow ybent,
Wounded the Lion with a dismal shaft,
So he him strook, that it drew forth the bloud,
25And fill'd his furious heart with fretting ire;
But all in vain he threatneth teeth and pawes,
And sparkleth fire from forth his flaming eyes,
For the sharp shaft gave him a mortal wound:
So valiant Brute, the terrour of the world,
30Whose only looks did scare his enemies,
The Archer Death brought to his latest end.
Oh what may long abide above this ground,
In state of bliss and healthfull happiness!