Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Timothy Billings
Not Peer Reviewed

Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)

2850ende of our shew.
King. Call them foorth quickly, we will do so.
Brag. Holla. Approch.
Enter all.
2855Brag. This side is Hiems, Winter.
This Ver, the Spring: The one maynteined by the Owle,
th'other by the Cuckow.
B. Ver begin.
The Song.
When Dasies pied, and Violets blew,
And Cuckow-budds of yellow hew:
And Ladi-smockes all siluer white,
Do paint the Meadowes with delight:
The Cuckow then on euerie tree,
2865Mocks married men; for thus singes hee,
Cuckow, Cuckow: O word of feare,
Vnpleasing to a married eare.
When Shepheards pipe on Oten Strawes,
2870And merrie Larkes are Ploughmens Clocks:
When Turtles tread and Rookes and Dawes,
And Maidens bleach their summer smockes:
The Cuckow then on euerie tree,
Mockes married men, for thus singes he,
Cuckow, cuckow: O word of feare,
Vnpleasing to a married eare.
When Isacles hang by the wall,
2880And Dicke the Sheepheard blowes his naile:
And Thom beares Logges into the hall,
And Milke coms frozen home in paile:
When Blood is nipt, and wayes be full,
A pleasant conceited Comedie: