Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Timothy Billings
Not Peer Reviewed

Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)

Boyet. Loues her by the foote.
2625Dum. He may not by the yarde.
This Hector far surmounted Hanniball.
The partie is gone
Clow. Fellow Hector, she is gone; she is two months on
her way.
2630Brag. What meanest thou?
Clow. Faith vnlesse you play the honest Troyan, the poore
wench is cast away: shee's quicke, the childe bragges in her
bellie already: tis yours.
Brag. Dost thou infamonize me among potentates:
2635Thou shalt die.
Clow. Then shall Hector be whipt for Iaquenetta that is
quicke by him, and hangd for Pompey that is dead by him.
Duma. Most rare Pompey.
2640Boyet. Renowned Pompey.
Bero. Greater then great, great, great, great Pompey: Pom-
pey the hudge.
Dum. Hector trembles.
Bero. Pompey is mooued more Ates more Atees stir them
2645or stir them on.
Duma. Hector will challenge him.
Bero. I, if a'haue no more mans blood in his belly then wil
suppe a Flea.
Brag. By the North Pole I do challenge thee.
2650Clow. I will not fight with a Pole like a Northren man;
Ile slash, Ile do it by the Sword: I bepray you let me bor-
row my Armes againe.
Duma. Roome for the incensed Worthies.
Clow. Ile do it in my shyrt.
2655Duma. Most resolute Pompey.
Page. Maister, let me take you a button hole lower. Do
you not see, Pompey is vncasing for the Combat: What
meane you? you will loose your reputation.
Brag. Gentlemen and Souldiers, pardon me, I will not
2660combat in my shyrt.
Duma. You may not deny it, Pompey hath made the chal-
Brag. Sweete bloodes, I both may and will.
A pleasant conceited Comedie: