Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Timothy Billings
Not Peer Reviewed

Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)

Holo. Sir Nathaniel, haud credo.
Dul. Twas not a haud credo, twas a Pricket.
Holo. Most barbarous intimation: yet a kind of insinua-
tion, as it were in via, in way of explication facere: as it were
1165replication, or rather ostentare, to show as it were his inclina-
tion after his vndressed, vnpolished, vneducated, vnpruned,
vntrained, or rather vnlettered, or ratherest vnconfirmed fa-
shion, to insert again my haud credo for a Deare.
1170Dul. I said the Deare was not a haud credo, twas a Pricket.
Holo. Twice sodd simplicitie, bis coctus, O thou monster
ignorance, How deformed doost thou looke.
Nath. Sir he hath neuer fed of the dainties that are bred
1175in a booke.
He hath not eate paper as it were: he hath not drunke inck.
His intellect is not replenished, he is only an annimall, only
sensible in the duller partes: and such barren plantes are
1180 set before vs, that we thankful should be:
which we taste,
and feeling, are for those partes that doe fructifie in vs
more then he.
For as it would ill become me to be vaine, indistreell, or a
1185So were there a patch set on Learning, to see him in a schole.
But omne bene say I, being of an olde Fathers minde,
Many can brooke the weather, that loue not the winde.
Dul. You two are book-men, Can you tel me by your wit,
1190What was a month old at Cains birth, that's not fiue weeks
old as yet?
Holo. Dictisima goodman Dull, dictisima goodman Dull.
Dul. What is dictima?
1195Nath. A title to Phebe, to Luna, to the Moone.
Holo. The Moone was a month old when Adam was no
And rought not to fiue-weeks when he came to fiuescore.
Th'allusion holdes in the Exchange.
1200Dul. Tis true in deede, the Collusion holdes in the Ex-
Holo. God comfort thy capacitie, I say th'allusion holdes
in the Exchange.
Dul. And I say the polusion holdes in the Exchange: for
1205the Moone is neuer but a month olde: and I say beside
that, twas a Pricket that the Princesse kild.
called Loues Labor's lost.