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Author: Michael Best
Not Peer Reviewed

King John: List of Characters

1King John
Queen Eleanor, mother to King John
The Bastard, illegitimate son of Richard Coeur-de-Lion
Robert Faulconbridge, a country gentleman
5Lady Faulconbridge, mother to Robert and the Bastard
James Gurney, attending on Lady Faulconbridge

English lords

Hubert, attending on King John
Prince Henry

King Philip
15Lewis, the Dauphin
Chatillon, a French ambassador
Melun, a French lord
Duke of Austria, also called Limoges
Constance, mother of Arthur
20Arthur, son of Constance and Geoffrey
Cardinal Pandulph
Citizen of Angiers
Peter of Pomfret, a prophet
French Herald, English Herald, Messenger, Executioners