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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Hamlet (Quarto 2, 1604)

Prince of Denmarke.
3480Make Ossa like a wart, nay and thou'lt mouthe,
Ile rant as well as thou.
Quee. This is meere madnesse,
And this a while the fit will worke on him,
Anon as patient as the female Doue
3485When that her golden cuplets are disclosed
His silence will sit drooping.
Ham. Heare you sir,
What is the reason that you vse me thus?
I lou'd you euer, but it is no matter,
3490Let Hercules himselfe doe what he may
The Cat will mew, and Dogge will haue his day.
Exit Hamlet
King. I pray thee good Horatio waite vpon him.
Strengthen your patience in our last nights speech,
Weele put the matter to the present push:
3495Good Gertrard set some watch ouer your sonne,
This graue shall haue a liuing monument,
An houre of quiet thereby shall we see
Tell then in patience our proceeding be.

Enter Hamlet and Horatio.
3500Ham. So much for this sir, now shall you see the other,
You doe remember all the circumstance.
Hora. Remember it my Lord.
Ham. Sir in my hart there was a kind of fighting
That would not let me sleepe, my thought I lay
3505Worse then the mutines in the bilbo, rashly,
And praysd be rashnes for it: let vs knowe,
Our indiscretion sometime serues vs well
When our deepe plots doe fall, & that should learne vs
Ther's a diuinity that shapes our ends,
3510Rough hew them how we will.
Hora. That is most certaine.
Ham. Vp from my Cabin,
My sea-gowne scarft about me in the darke
Gropt I to find out them, had my desire,
3515Fingard their packet, and in fine with-drew
To mine owne roome againe, making so bold