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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Hamlet (Quarto 2, 1604)

The Tragedie of Hamlet
King. Conceit vpon her Father.
Oph. Pray lets haue no words of this, but when they aske you
what it meanes, say you this.
To morrow is S. Valentines day,
2790All in the morning betime,
And I a mayde at your window
To be your Valentine.
Then vp he rose, and dond his close, and dupt the chamber doore,
Let in the maide, that out a maide, neuer departed more.
King. Pretty Ophelia.
2795Oph. Indeede without an oath Ile make an end on't,
By gis and by Saint Charitie,
alack and fie for shame,
Young men will doo't if they come too't,
by Cock they are too blame.
2800Quoth she, Before you tumbled me, you promisd me to wed,
(He answers.) So would I a done by yonder sunne
And thou hadst not come to my bed.
King. How long hath she beene thus?
2805Oph. I hope all will be well, we must be patient, but I cannot chuse
but weepe to thinke they would lay him i'th cold ground, my brother
shall know of it, and so I thanke you for your good counsaile. Come
my Coach, God night Ladies, god night.
Sweet Ladyes god night, god night.
King. Follow her close, giue her good watch I pray you.
O this is the poyson of deepe griefe, it springs all from her Fathers
death, and now behold, ô Gertrard, Gertrard,
2815When sorrowes come, they come not single spyes,
But in battalians: first her Father slaine,
Next, your sonne gone, and he most violent Author
Of his owne iust remoue, the people muddied
Thick and vnwholsome in thoughts, and whispers
2820For good Polonius death: and we haue done but greenly
In hugger mugger to inter him: poore Ophelia
Deuided from herselfe, and her faire iudgement,
VVithout the which we are pictures, or meere beasts,
Last, and as much contayning as all these,
2825Her brother is in secret come from Fraunce,
Feeds on this wonder, keepes himselfe in clowdes,