Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Hamlet (Modern, based on Quarto 1)

[Scene 14]
Enter Horatio [with a letter] and the Queen.
Horatio Madam, your son is safe arrived in Denmark.
2985This letter I even now received of him,
2985.1Whereas he writes how he escaped the danger
And subtle treason that the King had plotted.
Being crossed by the contention of the winds,
3515He found the packet sent to the King of England,
3525Wherein he saw himself betrayed to death,
3525.1As, at his next convers'ion with your grace,
He will relate the circumstance at full.
Queen Then I perceive there's treason in his looks
That seemed to sugar o'er his villainy.
3525.5But I will soothe and please him for a time,
For murderous minds are always jealous.
But know not you, Horatio, where he is?
Horatio Yes, madam, and he hath appointed me
To meet him on the east side of the city
3525.10Tomorrow morning.
Queen Oh, fail not, good Horatio, and withal commend me
A mother's care to him. Bid him awhile
Be wary of his presence, lest that he
Fail in that he goes about.
3525.15Horatio Madam, never make doubt of that.
I think by this the news be come to court:
He is arrived. Observe the King, and you shall
Quickly find, Hamlet being here,
Things fell not to his mind.
Queen But what become of Gilderstone and Rossencraft?
Horatio He being set ashore, they went for England,
And in the packet there writ down that doom
To be performed on them 'pointed for him.
And by great chance he had his father's seal,
3551.1So all was done without discovery.
Queen Thanks be to heaven for blessing of the Prince!
Horatio, once again I take my leave,
With thousand mother's blessings to my son.
3551.5Horatio Madam, adieu.