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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Hamlet (Quarto 1, 1603)

The Tragedie of Hamlet
I will speake daggers, those sharpe wordes being spent,
2270To doe her wrong my soule shall ne're consent.
Enter the King.
King O that this wet that falles vpon my face
Would wash the crime cleere from my conscience!
When I looke vp to heauen, I see my trespasse,
2326.1The earth doth still crie out vpon my fact,
Pay me the murder of a brother and a king,
2314.1And the adulterous fault I haue committed:
O these are sinnes that are vnpardonable:
2329.1Why say thy sinnes were blacker then is ieat,
Yet may contrition make them as white as snowe:
I but still to perseuer in a sinne,
2329.1It is an act gainst the vniuersall power,
Most wretched man, stoope, bend thee to thy prayer,
2345Aske grace of heauen to keepe thee from despaire.

hee kneeles.enters Hamlet

2350Ham. I so, come forth and worke thy last,
And thus hee dies: and so am I reuenged:
No, not so: he tooke my father sleeping, his sins brim full,
And how his soule stoode to the state of heauen
Who knowes, saue the immortall powres,
2360And shall I kill him now,
When he is purging of his soule?
2355Making his way for heauen, this is a benefit,
2355And not reuenge: no, get thee vp agen,
When hee's at game swaring, taking his carowse, drinking
2365Or in the incestuous pleasure of his bed,
Or at some act that hath no relish
Of saluation in't, then trip him
That his heeles may kicke at heauen,
And fall as lowe as hel: my mother stayes,
This phisicke but prolongs thy weary dayes.
exit Ham.
King My wordes fly vp, my sinnes remaine below.