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Author: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Modern, Folio), List of Characters


The English

King Henry V
5Duke of Clarence, brother to the king
Duke of Bedford, brother to the king
Duke of Gloucester, brother to the king
Duke of Exeter, uncle to the king
Duke of York, cousin to the king
10Earl of Westmorland
Earl of Warwick
Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Huntingdon

Archbishop of Canterbury
15Bishop of Ely

Richard Earl of Cambridge, conspirator
Henry, Lord Scrope of Masham, conspirator
Sir Thomas Grey, conspirator

Ancient Pistol
20Hostess, formerly Mistress Quickly, married to Pistol
Lieutenant Bardolph
Corporal Nym

Sir Thomas Erpingham
25Gower, an English captain
Fluellen, a Welsh captain
Jamy, a Scottish captain
Macmorris, an Irish captain

John Bates, a soldier
30Alexander Court, a soldier
Michael Williams, a soldier


The French

French King, Charles VI
35Queen Isabeau
Louis the Dauphin, their son
Catherine, their daughter
Alice, Catherine's waiting woman

Constable of France
40Duke of Burgundy
Duke of Bourbon
Duke of Orléans
Duke of Berry
Lord Rambures
45Lord Grandpré

Montjoy the Herald
Governor of Harfleur
Two Ambassadors to England
French Soldier, Monsieur le Fer

50Lords, Attendants, Soldiers, Citizens of Harfleur