Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Modern, Quarto)

[Scene 14]
Enter Pistol, [a] French [soldier], and the Boy.
Pistol Yield, cur! Yield, cur!
French Soldier O Monsieur, je vous en prie, avez pitié de moi!
Pistol Moy shall not serve. I will have forty moys. 2405Boy, ask him his name.
Boy Comment êtes-vous apellé?
French Soldier Monsieur Fer.
Boy He says his name is Master Fer.
2410Pistol I'll fer him, and ferret him, and firk him. Boy, discuss the same in French.
Boy Sir, I do not know what's French for fer, ferret, and firked.
Pistol Bid him prepare, for I will cut his throat.
Boy Faites-vous prêt: il veut couper votre gorge.
Pistol On y est ma foy! Couple la gorge! 2395Unless thou give to me egregious ransom, die. One point of a fox.
2415French Soldier [To Boy] Que dit-il, monsieur?
2415.1Boy Il dite, si vous ne voulez pas donner lui la grande rançon, il vous tuerez.
French Soldier Oh! Je vous en prie, petit gentilhomme, parlez 2422.1a ce grand capitaine pour avez merci a moi, et je donnerai pour mon rançon cinquante écus. Je suis un gentilhomme de France.
2425Pistol What says he, boy?
Boy Marry, sir, he says he is a gentleman of a great house of France, and for his ransom he will give you five hundred crowns.
Pistol My fury shall abate, and I the crowns 2430will take, and as I suck blood, I will some mercy show. 2445Follow me, cur.
Exeunt omnes.