Internet Shakespeare Editions

[Scene 12]
Enters Henry the Fifth with his lords.
Come my lords of England,
1215No doubt this good luck of winning this town
Is a sign of an honorable victory to come.
But good my lord, go and speak to the captains
With all speed, to number the host of the Frenchmen,
And by that means we may the better know
1220How to appoint the battle.
An it please your majesty,
There are many of your men sick and diseased,
And many of them die for want of victuals.
And why did you not tell me of it before?
If we cannot have it for money,
We will have it by dint of sword;
The law of arms allow no less.
I beseech your grace to grant me a boon.
What is that, my good lord?
1235That your grace would give me the
Vanguard in the battle.
Trust me, my lord of Oxford, I cannot,
For I have already given it to my uncle the Duke of York,
1240Yet I thank you for your good will.
A trumpet sounds.
How now, what is that?
I think it be some herald of arms.
Enters a herald.
1245King of England, my Lord High Constable
And others of the noblemen of France
Sends me to defy thee as open enemy to God,
Our country, and us, and hereupon
They presently bid thee battle.
Herald, tell them that I defy them
As open enemies to God, my country, and me,
And as wrongful usurpers of my right;
And whereas thou sayst they presently bid me battle,
1255Tell them that I think they know how to please me.
But I pray thee, what place hath my lord Prince Dauphin
Here in battle?
An it please your grace,
1260My lord and king his father
Will not let him come into the field.
Why then he doth me great injury.
I thought that he and I should have played at tennis together;
1265Therefore I have brought tennis balls for him,
But other manner of ones then he sent me.
And herald, tell my lord Prince Dauphin
That I have inured my hands with other kind of weapons
Than tennis balls ere this time o' day,
1270And that he shall find it ere it be long.
And so adieu, my friend.
And tell my lord that I am ready when he will.
Exit herald.
Come, my lords. I care not an I go to our captains,
And I'll see the number of the French army myself.
1275Strike up the drum.
Exeunt omnes.