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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Matthew Steggle
Not Peer Reviewed

The Comedy of Errors (Folio 1, 1623)

The Comedie of Errors.
And we shall make full satisfaction.
1890Thirtie three yeares haue I but gone in trauaile
Of you my sonnes, and till this present houre
My heauie burthen are deliuered:
The Duke my husband, and my children both,
And you the Kalenders of their Natiuity,
1895Go to a Gossips feast, and go with mee,
After so long greefe such Natiuitie.
Duke. With all my heart, Ile Gossip at this feast.

Exeunt omnes. Manet the two Dromio's and
two Brothers.
1900S.Dro. Mast[er]. shall I fetch your stuffe from shipbord?
E.An. Dromio, what stuffe of mine hast thou imbarkt
S.Dro. Your goods that lay at host sir in the Centaur.
S.Ant. He speakes to me, I am your master Dromio.

Come go with vs, wee'l looke to that anon,
1905Embrace thy brother there, reioyce with him.
S.Dro. There is a fat friend at your masters house,
That kitchin'd me for you to day at dinner:
She now shall be my sister, not my wife,
E.D. Me thinks you are my glasse, & not my brother:
1910I see by you, I am a sweet-fac'd youth,
Will you walke in to see their gossipping?
S.Dro. Not I sir, you are my elder.
E.Dro. That's a question, how shall we trie it.
S.Dro. Wee'l draw Cuts for the Signior, till then,
1915lead thou first.
E.Dro. Nay then thus:
We came into the world like brother and brother:
And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another.