Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Sonia; Young, Jennifer Massai
Not Peer Reviewed

Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

Edward the third.
Cry out enough, spare England now for pittie,
Farewell, and tell him that you leaue vs heare,
215Before this Castle, say you came from vs,
Euen when we had that yeelded to our hands,
Lor: take my leaue and fayrely will returne
Your acceptable greeting to my king.
Exit Lor.
K. D: Now Duglas to our former taske again,
220For the deuision of this certayne spoyle.
Dou: My liege I craue the Ladie and no more,
King. Nay soft ye sir, first I must make my choyse,
And first I do bespeake her for my selfe,
Da. Why then my liege let me enioy her iewels,
225King: Those are her owne still liable to her,
And who inherits her,hath those with all.
Enter a Scot in hast.
Mes: My liege,as we were pricking on the hils,
To fetch in booty,marching hitherward,
230We might discry a mighty host of men,
The Sunne reflicting on the armour shewed,
A field of plate,a wood of pickes aduanced:
Bethinke your highnes speedely herein,
An easie march within foure howres will bring,
235The hindmost rancke, vnto this place my liege.
King: Dislodge, dislodge,it is the king of England.
Dug: Iemmy my man,saddle my bonny blacke.
King: Meanst thou to fight,Duglas we are to weake.
Du: I know it well my liege,and therefore flie.
240Cou: My Lords of Scotland will ye stay and drinke:
King: She mocks at vs Duglas,I cannot endure it.
Count, Say good my Lord, which is he must haue the Ladie,
And which her iewels,I am sure my Lords
Ye will not hence,till you haue shard the spoyles.
245King: Shee heard the messenger,and heard our talke.
And now that comfort makes herscorne at vs.
Annother messenger.
Mes: Arme my good Lord,O we are all surprisde.