Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Sonia; Young, Jennifer Massai
Not Peer Reviewed

Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

Edward the third.
And in the stead of tapers on his tombe,
an hundred fiftie towers shall burning blaze,
2530While we bewaile our valiant sonnes decease.
After a flourish sounded within, enter an herald.
He. Reioyce my Lord, ascend the imperial throne
The mightie and redoubted prince of Wales,
Great seruitor to bloudie Mars in armes,
2535The French mans terror and his countries fame,
Triumphant rideth like a Romane peere,
and lowly at his stirop comes a foot
King Iohn of France, together with his sonne,
In captiue bonds, whose diadem he brings
2540To crowne thee with, andto proclaime thee king
Ki. Away with mourning Phillip, wipe thine eies
Sound Trumpets, welcome in Plantaginet.
Enter Prince Edward, king Iohn, Phillip, Aud-
ley, Artoys.
2545Ki: As things long lost when they are found again,
So doth my sonne reioyce his fathers heart,
For whom euen now my soule was much perplext
Q. Be this a token to expresse my ioy,
kisse him.
For inward passions will not let me speake.
2550Pr. My gracious father, here receiue the gift,
This wreath of conquest, and reward of warre,
Got with as mickle perill of our liues,
as ere was thing of price before this daie,
Install your highnes in your proper right,
2555and heerewithall I render to your hands
These prisoners, chiefe occasion of our strife.
Kin: So Iohn of France, I see you keepe your word
You promist to be sooner with our selfe
Then we did thinke for, and tis so in deed,
2560But had you done at first as now you do,
How many ciuill townes had stoode vntoucht,
That now are turnd to ragged heaps of stones?
How many peoples liues mightst thou haue saud,
that are vntimely sunke into their graues.
2565Io: Edward, recount not things irreuocable,