Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Sonia; Young, Jennifer Massai
Not Peer Reviewed

Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

Edward the third.
2075Since all the liues his conquering arrowes strike,
Seeke him, and he not them, to shame his glorie,
I will not giue a pennie for a lyfe,
Nor halfe a halfepenie to shun grim death,
Since for to liue is but to seeke to die,
2080And dying but beginning of new lyfe,
Let come the houre when he that rules it will,
To liue or die I hold indifferent.
Enter king Iohn and Charles.
Ioh: A sodaine darknes hath defast the skie,
2085The windes are crept into their caues for feare,
the leaues moue not, the world is husht and still,
the birdes cease singing, and the wandring brookes,
Murmure no wonted greeting to their shores,
Silence attends some wonder, and expecteth
2090That heauen should pronounce some prophesie,
Where or from whome proceeds this silence Charles?
Ch: Our men with open mouthes and staring eyes,
Looke on each other, as they did attend
Each others wordes, and yet no creature speakes,
2095A tongue-tied feare hath made a midnight houre,
and speeches sleepe through all the waking regions.
Ioh: But now the pompeous Sunne in all his pride,
Lookt through his golden coach vpon the worlde,
and on a sodaine hath he hid himselfe,
2100that now the vnder earth is as a graue,
Darke, deadly, silent, and vncomfortable.
A clamor of rauens
Harke, what a deadly outcrie do I heare?
Ch. Here comes my brother Phillip.
Ioh. All dismaid. What fearefull words are those thy lookes presage?
2105Pr. A flight, a flight.
Ioh: Coward what flight? thou liest there needs no flight.
Pr. A flight.
Kin: Awake thy crauen powers, and tell on
the substance of that verie feare in deed,
2110Which is so gastly printed in thy face,
What is the matter?