Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Sonia; Young, Jennifer Massai
Not Peer Reviewed

Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

Edward the third.
Aud, O ioyfull sight, victorious Edward liues.
1640Der: Welcome braue Prince.
Ki: Welcome Plantagenet.
kneele and
kisse his
fathers hand
Pr. First hauing donne my duety as beseemed
Lords I regreet you all with harty thanks,
And now behold after my winters toyle,
1645My paynefull voyage on the boystrous sea,
Of warres deuouring gulphes and steely rocks,
I bring my fraught vnto the wished port,
My Summers hope, my trauels sweetreward:
And heere with humble duety I present,
1650This sacrifice, this first fruit of my sword,
Cropt and cut downe euen at the gate of death:
The king of Boheme father whome Islue,
Whom you sayd, had intrencht me round about,
And laye as thicke vpon my battered crest,
1655As on an Anuell with their ponderous glaues,
Yet marble courage, still did vnderprop,
And when my weary armes with often blowes,
Like the continuall laboring Wood-mans Axe,
That is enioynd to fell a load of Oakes,
1660Began to faulter, straight I would recouer:
My gifts you gaue me, and my zealous vow,
And then new courage made me fresh againe,
That in despight I craud my passage forth,
And put the multitude to speedy flyght:his Sword borne by a Soldier.
1665Lo this hath Edwards hand fild your request,
And done I hope the duety of a Knight
Ki: I well thou hast deserud a knight-hood Ned,
And therefore with thy sword, yet reaking warme,
With blood of those that fought to be thy bane,
1670Arise Prince Edward, trusty knight at armes,
This day thou hast confounded me with ioy,
And proude thy selfe fit heire vnto a king:
Pr: Heere is a note my gratious Lord of those,
That in this conflict of our foes were slaine,