Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Sonia; Young, Jennifer Massai
Not Peer Reviewed

Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

Edward the third.
645Why so she is, for when I would embrace her,
This do I, and catch nothing but my selfe,
I must enioy her, for I cannot beate
With reason and reproofe fond loue a waie.
Enter Warwicke.
650Here comes her father I will worke with him,
To beare my collours in this feild of loue.
War: How is it that my souereigne is so sad,
May I with pardon know your highnes griefe,
And that my old endeuor will remoue it,
655It shall not comber long your maiestie,
King: A kind and voluntary giift thou proferest,
That I was forwarde to haue begd of thee,
But O thou world great nurse of flatterie,
Whie dost thou tip mens tongues with golden words,
660And peise their deedes with weight of heauie leade,
That faire performance cannot follow promise,
O that a man might hold the hartes close booke,
And choke the lauish tongue when it doth vtter
The breath of falshood not carectred there:
665War: Far be it from the honor of my age,
That I shouid owe bright gould and render lead,
Age is a cyncke, not a flatterer,
I saye againe, that I if knew your griefe,
And that by me it may be lesned,
670My proper harme should buy your highnes good,
These are the vulger tenders of false men,
That neuer pay the duetie of their words,
Kin: Thou wilt not sticke to sweare what thou hast said,
But when thou knowest my greifes condition,
675This rash disgorged vomit of thy word,
Thou wilt eate vp againe and leaue me helples.
War. By heauen I will not though your maiestie,
Did byd me run vpon your sworde and die.