Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Sonia; Young, Jennifer Massai
Not Peer Reviewed

Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

K: Edward the third.
Enter King Edward, Derby, Prince Edward, Audely
and Artoys.
5RObert of Artoys banisht though thou be,
From Fraunce thy natiue Country, yet with vs,
Thou shalt retayne as great a Seigniorie:
For we create thee Earle of Richmond heere,
And now goe forwards with our pedegree,
10Who next succeeded Phillip of Bew,
Ar. Three sonnes of his, which all successefully,
Did sit vpon their#fathers regall Throne:
Yet dyed and left no issue of their loynes:
King: But was my mother sister vnto those:
15Art: Shee was my Lord,#and onely Issabel,
Was all the daughters that this Phillip had,
Whome afterward your father tooke to wife:
And from the fragrant garden of her wombe,
Your gratious selfe the flower of Europes hope:
20Deriued is inheritor to Fraunce.
But not the rancor of rebellious mindes:
When thus the lynage of Bew was out;
The French obscurd your mothers Priuiledge,
And though she were the next of blood,#proclaymed
25Iohn of the house of Valoys now their king:
The reason was, they say the Realme of Fraunce,
Repleat with Princes of great parentage,
Ought not admit a gouernor to rule,
Except he be discended of#the male,
30And thats the speciall ground of their contempt:
Wherewith they study to exclude your grace:
But they shall finde that forged ground of theirs,