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Author: Anonymous
Not Peer Reviewed

Thomas Lord Cromwell (Folio 3, 1664)

Enter Chorus.
The Musick playes as they go out.
Cho. Now Cromwells highest fortunes doth begin.
Wolsey that lov'd him, as he did his life:
Committed all his treasure to his hands,
Wolsey is dead, and Gardiner his man
1030Is now created Bishop of Winchester:
Pardon if we omit all Wolsey's life,
Because our play depends on Cromwells death,
Now sit and see his highest state of all;
His height of rising: and his sodain fall,
1035Pardon the errors is already past,
And live in hope the best doth come at last:
My hope upon your favour doth depend,
And look to have your liking ere the end.